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  • Thx for rating our post :D if you have a facebook you can search The Filthy Kidz Free Food Feedery and see what we have done so far
    pic of necklace. Give me till Sat night. Need to have Leo help with that...
    Hey HOOKER, got your x-mas pgk in the mail today. FUCKING kick ass necklace. I put it on immediatly, lol.. Kid's not here, but will be in a few.. Sure she will love the earrings and bracelet. (Them tiny ass skulls are rad, where you find them...would love to find them up here) The patches are kick ass too...I am goona put one on my pack/bag I carry everywhere...(especially like the dumpster.) thanks Rash... you kick ass.....
    No worries on tardyness. It was cool, saw some guy jump a rally car off a dock and on to a boat. Was anti climatic, but cool. Did the ball drop thing at local bar, then got into a fist fight with one of my bestfriends on the way home. In the kilt no doubt.
    haha, thats a bitch move. if I had a girlfriend. and she did that to me in the desert. id pull out my gerber knife and cut someone.
    I got your patch in the mail yesterday. KICK ASS! Thank you, it's cooler than I could've expected. Don't worry about the paint. I won't be washing it. I'll probably put it on my bag most likely.
    hey i heard you might be in san diego area, we should kick it
    hope you do not mind i just wanted to tell you that it was wonderful meeting you! hope to party with you at a later date! also hope i was not rude to you sat night! at the range.
    Anyone that will spend the time to be good to their dog is a friend of mine,and anyone that is a literate as you gets noticed quick.Hang tough,dearheart.
    that leaves only me ta blame cuz mamma tried.....daer old dday rest hei sole left my mamma......and i turned 21 in pissin doin life with out palore....
    curious, you ever spend any significant time in PDX around the early 90's. Though your pic is slightly obscured, I think I may know you...The gilr I am thinking you might be is about 32...but had a very young face..i.f I am wrong sorry, but if i am right PM me...
    i really enjoyed that book, i think i liked snuff more though...my friend let me borrow it and i read it quite fast. You should check it out if you have a chance
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