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rana y sapo
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Mar 22, 2018 at 7:04 PM
Oct 16, 2015
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Oct 31, 1990 (Age: 27)
Current Location:
Baltimore, Maryland

rana y sapo

Appreciated Participator, Male, 27,

Baltimore, MD, United States
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rana y sapo was last seen:
Mar 22, 2018 at 7:04 PM
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  • About

    Oct 31, 1990 (Age: 27)
    Current Location:
    Baltimore, Maryland
    "The Hampdens of the Chesapeake" aka tallbutt cawnni murlin
    Favorite place:
    The Olympic Peninsula tied with Patagonia
    Preferred method(s) of travel:
    All of them
    Are you traveling now?:
    Spoken Languages:
    English, relatively fluent Spanish, a little French and a little Portugese I would like to continue to learn
    Gender Identity:
    • Male
    • Whatever
    Sexual Orientation(s):
    • Heterosexual
    I love animals but i don't keep a pet
    Political leanings:
    The more I figure out the more I believe how futile political opinion is
    Understanding & speaking Spanish, translating, teaching. Some basic backountry skills. Dabble in drawing and writing though not as much lately.
    Instruments played:
    Some mandolin, a little guitar. Also a metal bottle & a rock!
    Favorite curse word:
    been on a couple trains before with a friend who is a fulltime family man now and had serious fun with that. eventually will take some time to get back on

    have had a car forever so still using that until it croaks

    i like hitchhiking was easy in south america a bit in the states as well

    work seasonally to travel seasonally and work traveling jobs. non-materialistic values you could say, exercise kindness as often as possible. i love artwork. i am a college graduate, it was a disappointing experience to go through but not completely horrible, glad that i finished anyway. i have some affinity for languages, really advanced Spanish

    just got back from a great solo trip. back in the home area, working on my next move
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