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  • I bet you don't. Also I'm not as tech savy as you. I'd like them mailed to me, along with a full body shot, and a head shot.
    Well hey, thanks. I am usually all over the place; right now I am stuck in Los Angeles for some time. How about yourself?
    I was just in Tuscon! I went back home (near Indio). I'm pretty much just a weekend warrior now. I ride trains on the weekends and go to school during the week. That wasn't you playing guitar on 4th Ave. in Tuscon a week ago, was it?
    I really miss you. I had a great time while it lasted traveling with you. Especially fighting off people trying to make us get jobs. You taught me that even though some one is a complete fat ass they are still human, unless they are from Richmond than they are just hicks haha. I'm kidding. But You ought to come to Chicago next summer, I'll be legal and we can run screaming MEE HEEE COOOO (mexico) all the way to the yard. Hope you have fun, and don't have to listen to that fucking pirate joke anymore.

    yeah, im from chicago and planning to leave in like 4 days. one of those guys is matt (freepizzaforlife) right? cuz I know him and he said he's coming in and was gonna call me I guess tonight. so maybe Ill see you.
    Naw, I'm back in Oregon. Just gettin ready to head up to the woods for a bit today, and then, who knows where....

    Keep in touch. I might be heading to Nebraska (of all places!) to meet a friend in a few weeks, but that's still up in the air.
    murrr!! i keep forgetting to tell you when im down in rva, so we can hang out. so im telling you now ill be down this weekend
    yeah, i do grizzly! hey, i'm in tn. mainline to roanoke and/or richmond. which one u in?
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