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    Spring Jamboree at The Garden

    Yeah. You're welcome. That's indoctrination... Something that should be avoided at all cost. I'm pretty open minded and I consider myself to be fair... I just don't tolerate the bullshit that I know is bullshit. Based on my research and observations. But okay. You too.
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    Spring Jamboree at The Garden

    There was nothing but debates when it came to the coronavirus at the Garden. About canceling the unity tour and the spring jamboree... I honestly don't know what they're going to do because most people there are not taking this virus seriously which isn't good... I think it's best to walk away...
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    Spring Jamboree at The Garden

    I just feel there's a lot of anti-intellectualism there. Elitist. Ignorant and delusional... Shit like that... Having a piss poor understanding of me as a person. Misunderstanding and misjudging me when it came to certain things. Assuming things that aren't simply true about myself. They won't...
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    Spring Jamboree at The Garden

    DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!! I just got back from it and the people there are inherently awful. There's people who support genocide there because they think it's a form of "population control". The people are very elitist and judgemental. Bigoted and opinionated. Very ignorant and delusional...
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    Banned BrianC503 for idiotic alt-right statements

    Some of your zero tolerance needs to go to everyone that has a working brain... Just got hurt by a lot of people who support genocide because it's a form of "population control"... Not on here but in Tennessee... It was pretty disturbing and distressing to say the least...
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    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    Yeah. It's going to be my first time there.
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    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    Okay. I'm going to Texas to meet up with someone and after that we're both going to New Mexico.
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    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    Sounds good to me. I'm still in Florida around the Tampa area. Going to have to stay around this area though because my departure date is the 15th of February. Don't know if you're in around Ocala or somewhere closer to me.
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    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    I'm open of traveling with you. Sounds fun and all that. I'm currently in Florida at the moment though. Planning on leaving soon and see where things go from there.
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    Seeking Ride Anyone for Slab City??

    "Best of Luck!" a.k.a. "Fuck You!"
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    Ride Offered Need a ride get ahold of me,must be clean and showered no stinky people allowed lol

    Greyhound does fucking suck... Trust me. I know...
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    Anarcho Primitivist Wilderness Commune

    This sounds like a guy that I will enjoy meeting...
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    Gasparilla parade, Tampa Florida

    I'm in Tampa just so you know...
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    Telling me something that I already know... Chris McCandless died of rabbit starvation back in August 1992 in Alaska. All alone... Because he wasn't fully prepared and being alone is just not worth it. Something that I've been attempting to avoid for myself but constantly failing over and over...
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    hello friends! ^^; My name is Maddi

    Fuck capitalism, right?