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    Stealing...For fun, or necessity?

    I have zero issue with people stealing from corporations, whether they need to or not. Independent small, local businesses (*that aren't racist/phobic pieces of garbage).. I'm not big enough to kick your ass, but I can find someone who can.
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    Service animal filler to post a ride request

    Can you add onto your post where you are now and where you're trying to go? What's it saying when you try to post? @Matt Derrick is there some kind of posting minimum?
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    Gonna do a dog selfie? :)

    Gonna do a dog selfie? :)
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    no photo/life is complete without a pack of trusted pups :)

    no photo/life is complete without a pack of trusted pups :)
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    Bridging monogamy & polyamory to rapid moving on for more emotional travelers

    There is no bridge between monogamy and polyamory. The only thing that's going to do is perpetuate unhealthy dynamics. If you're monogamous, you're going to resent your partner, or feel insecure, sharing them. That's why someone identifies as monogamous, they desire that they have one partner...
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    College student battling restlessness.

    How far are you into your field of study -- and college debt? If you already have completed around 4 semesters or have over $20k debt I highly advise staying and sticking it through, no matter how bad the wanderlust is as long as you're not going to have an emotional breakdown doing so. The...
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    what are some Scams to get FREE Clothing/Alternatives to clothing everyday

    Small town malls throw out a lot of clothing if there's anything wrong with it in even a small way, check out their dumpsters. If they've sharpied the clothing to "ruin" it just get some isopropyl for a dollar or two and you can take it right off.
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    Be careful at "Pot farms"

    Jesus dood, you give a vague post about how some schwilly kids on a pot farm made you uncomfortable, claim they're probably people who steal shit at rainbow gatherings, someone rationally points out that you're being judgy off of the little information you gave, and you write a book on their...
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    @[21655:@caffine addict] I smoke weed so I can pretend I'm not depressed

    @[21655:@caffine addict] I smoke weed so I can pretend I'm not depressed
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    depression fucking sucks.

    depression fucking sucks.
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    metaphorically my emotional state lately is bruised apple

    metaphorically my emotional state lately is bruised apple
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    Here to learn

    Glad to see you joined. :)
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    Event Anti-Civ Gathering in Upstate NY April 28th

    guess I'm not quitting afterall
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    Dear Brother

    Anyone who knows me knows I'm a shameless fan of the band Medicine for the People.. not a fan of most of their other fans and ambivalent on the artists themselves, but the music has wedged its way into my life and helped me through a lot of shit over the past 8 years. Anyway.. this song has...
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    Fellow vagina-owners, help me out!

    I second the no underwear thing if you're gonna be stuck in panties more than a day. Your vag will breathe better and it wont be a sticky humid mess with polyester shoved against it. Wipes are great too, I grab the baby wipe refill packages.