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  • Ever thought of creating StP facemasks and selling them to support a charitable cause?! If you can hook me up with one, I'll be happy to throw some more money down! @Matt Derrick
    After several hours of thinking and planning ahead, I guess I'll have to play it safe and stay home. My travels are placed on hold, but I will be fixing another laptop - possibly upgrading it too.
    Sadly, there were no rideables this morning and the momentum picked up quicker than I expected. I'll have to live to ride another day or something...
    I'm willing to try it again this Friday morning... It's not an auto rack, it's something better! I still need to see what I am up against...
    I'll have to think about that. And I'll let the staff determine whether or not it can be considered a feature story. Thanks for checking, though!
    Are you guys talking about train hopping or talking about talking about train hopping?
    Oh, I'm planning to hop. I just have to be ready by Friday morning.
    Yo, last night I rode my first autorack! Colton to Yermo in an automax n it was articulated, door open. Love those curved floors so u got a lil hidey wall to chill behind.
    Thought of u as soon as we got on lol
    Glad it worked out! Any good photos or video would be great.
    Hell yeah man, I'll message u
    I'm thinking about saving up a little travel money and do some casual freight hopping, it's been almost 3 years :(
    Well bloody hell! Norfolk Southern decided to do 26A/27A from a place called Rosser, GA and I have no bloody idea where that place is! I'll have to investigate Brunswick and Anguilla to see where they start sending their GM's and empty auto racks again, that really sucks!
    Should I trash pick some more chick fil A codes for free sandwiches?! I already trash picked 1 so far...
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    are you still hungry?
    Nah, I'm good, but if I did find some more codes, I wouldn't mind completing the surveys, and sending a QR code or two to anyone here that was hungry or something.
    I finally got tethering again, now my laptop can pull up this site through my phone using PDANet. For just a few dollars you can unlock the full version.
    This is how you get traincore in a game of Monopoly! Nevermind, I had to replace the video.
    When you place a massaging device next to your nose, does it make you sneeze?
    Boss: "Can you get someone to fill in for you?!"
    Me: "That's not my job anymore, I don't have everybody's phone numbers - you do! Contact them yourself."
    nothing like employers making you feel like its yer responsibility to take care of yer job even when yer not at work.
    If I had one more freight hop left in me, maybe two, I would take an NS 27A (auto rack) to Macon, get shuttled to Warner Robins to visit my friends since I haven't seen them for quite a while, then head back to Macon. Next up, maybe I would stay put under a skirted piggyback heading southbound to Jacksonville just to explore the Macon/Valdosta districts.
    15 friend requests sent on Facebook and already 6 of them silently denied in the past 24 hours. Later I called each of those deniers "complete assholes" and blocked them. So yeah, fuck Facebook and their stupid "do you know this person" system. I only use it for family ties anyway.
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