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    Strange cryptid/UFO/Ghost encounters on the road?

    I am pretty sure that soon I am going to kill myself soon by driving my van over a cliff, so I am going to leave these stories here as a final contribution to humanity. 1. My wife and I were camping in Santa Cruz CA, squatting in a park near a natural spring down the hill from UCSC, we were...
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    Strange cryptid/UFO/Ghost encounters on the road?

    This is more of a cryptid story I suppose... I was camping with 2 other dudes in the Arcata forest part, some time after rainbow nationals in Washington and right before Occupy Wall Street really took off in 2010. It was just one other dude and I that night. We made food, smoked some tabac...
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    Strange cryptid/UFO/Ghost encounters on the road?

    I searched for "UFO" and found this thread, so I'd like to add some stories of my own...I've got insomnia tonight so seems like a good time. Ive seen a few UFOs and paranormal things while traveling or camping. Looks like most of what people here are writing about are ghosts...thats really...
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    Photos Beware of seagulls!

    We were just driving north on 101 in so. Oregon when I saw a seagull in the road. It begun to fly up and away and it seemed like it was going to get out of the way. But it started coming straight at our windshield fortunately it didn’t break all the way through but there’s a dusting of tiny...
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    Featured So You Want To Run Away From Home

    I wish I would have seen this when I was 16..thank you
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    How did you find a place to settle

    We thought we couldnt do anything in a southern latitude after trying to live in Las Vegas... What is the weather like in New Mexico? We had an old friend of mine offer us to work as her care giver, we would jsut have to rent our own place and work for her then she may let us move in...
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    Any advice?? :(

    I am getting severly depressed by what my relationship has turned into... Lots of the things we tried to do together didnt go anywhere... We met during the occupy wall street movement, tried to settle down in both California and Nevada... She was having siezures in her sleep, I helped her get...
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    Ever tried to “settle down”?

    Thats what's whats making it hard for us... we havent made many friends over the years together. There's nobody really "missing" us. That's good you have some people to be with, a community, that is worth sticking around for. Ya, the president is making people that look like me seem...
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    From what I’ve seen on facebook, they’re holding a council tomorrow then we’ll know

    From what I’ve seen on facebook, they’re holding a council tomorrow then we’ll know
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    Back by the coast...

    Back by the coast...
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    On our way to WWOOF, will be going in and out of the grid, will check in again soon

    On our way to WWOOF, will be going in and out of the grid, will check in again soon
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    News & Blogs Help catch a child molester named "Shrink"- 10K reward.

    I dont even understand how a man can get a hard on while someone is physically struggling against them, especially a CHILD.... I guess that means I'm not a pedophile rapist... *phew* what a relief!
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    Best State to Register

    Do not try to register a vehicle in CA. It’s the most expensive state. California is becoming a state for big business big money players only, they make everything cost so much that only the 1% ultra rich can afford all the expenses there... lots of locals and natives myself included are...
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    Ever tried to “settle down”?

    Depressed now.... settling down and digging my heels in for a career got nowhere, in SoCal or Las Vegas. We basically ran an art store in Santa Cruz CA when we first setlled. My partner was having seizures (when we met schwill kids were having her steal booze for them and she would go to jail...
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    sucking dicks for money?

    I am a bisexual male and if I could regularly suck dick or get fucked in my ass for money, as safely as possibly given the situation, I would absolutely do it. I am 100% serious. I like sucking dick and getting fucked in my ass.... and the receiver enjoyed it as well. That being said anyone...