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  • Last night was my second night in Boston, but I fucked up really hard on where I chose to camp in the pouring rain/low 40s weather and got myself and my gear soaked. It was the worst night ever. But then one of the other admins from Runaways and Vagabonds, plus a family friend who lived in the area, saved my ass and I had a warm couch to sleep on through the night. Road Love is real ❤
    Well guys, I survived the Chinatown Death Bus and made it to New York City!!! I’ve never been here before and it’s already so awe-inspiring and amazing. I saw the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower for the first time ever; now it’s time to truly explore Manhattan! 😊
    I was in New Orleans for a few days and had an absolute blast - it is the best place I have been on the road so far. It is so beautiful and has such unique architecture and culture. I got drunk with @Geraldo too and she got me coffee and tacos the next day!
    I am now in Mississippi, headed towards Memphis to meet with a friend there.
    Trying to keep my head up.
    I made it all the way to Dallas! I spent my weekend in a motel for Easter, and had a pretty good time.
    So I found this nice, wooded park in a safe suburb of Dallas, right? Well there’s a lot of what might be poison ivy. Okay, so I find that I’m near a bridge with a small creek near it.

    Then the Hobo Gods decided my string of very good luck needed Thanos-style balance. I get my sleeping bag out, and that little shit rolls down the hill, into the river, and drifts away forever. RIP
    Ahh. Camping out next to the Interstate in the NM desert. With Cinnabons, a giant Coke, and $20 kicked down to me today. I got 4 rides which got me 100 miles. And they were all amazing people... one guy gave me a business card which was about spreading love and that was so fucking positive. Then I got picked up by a really old Mexican couple. I am still so homesick, yet so happy and exhilarated
    I am sorry for not updating! I ended up getting back on the road for REAL, leaving downtown LA via a bus to Barstow Friday night. Since then I have hitchhiked 5 rides, explored Flagstaff AZ, and am now near Albuquerque, NM. I’ve already learned so fucking much, made countless memories, met other tramps, ridden in a truck bed on the highway, and just been fucking blessed by the Universe.
    I went to San Diego for a few days to visit my sick great-gma. While I was there, I got to explore a bit. San Diego is so beautiful and dope!
    I ended up visiting my godmother and her kid on the last day. And they really just loved on me, my godmother introducing me as her “adoptive child” to others there. Considering I don’t have parents that love and care for me, it’s a feeling warmer than heroin. :)
    It's been a very wild and very busy time up here in the Bay. I have seen most of my family members, and they've all mostly been supportive! (But scared.) My parents haven't been but that is a given. I got a multi-tool and a jacket as well as money, which really helps. Gonna camp with my homies soon too!!
    I had to get my iPhone 8 repaired under warranty, which extended my stay at home base even longer since I’ve gotta wait for it to come back. But - I am heading from Simi Valley to the East Bay this Friday, and I turn 19 the day after! I found a ride on Craigslist rideshare and am chipping in gas money. I’ve never done something like that before (besides hitching once) so it’ll be cool!
    On another note, I keep having trauma dreams about my parents where I re-live their abuse. I think it’s my mind’s way of saying “Don’t visit them at all” when I am in my hometown. Especially after they caused me much heartache during the holidays and tried blocking me away from my little sisters.
    Managed to get my new REAL ID (with a non-binary sex marker!) in the mail while I’ve been staying here, and I also finally got my 2DS set up with games I’ve had since 2009. it’s been so long and I’ll finally be able to play Pokémon again on the road! I also wrote this today on /r/Runaway: The Trauma of Running Away
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    That's awesome!!! Yay :)
    Fuck yeah, didn't even know that shit was actually happening in the DMV world..
    I'll have to look Into this*
    Yay, for productivity!
    Finally getting better from being sick, my fever went away this morning. Just in time to go to Big Bear today for the first time with my SO and some friends! I might have had to take a break at homebase right after hitting the road... but still traveling. ;)
    So I had a bunch of free Metrolink tickets, so yesterday first I took Coaster from San Diego to Oceanside, then used them to go all the way from Oceanside to Simi Valley (covering 150 miles in a day). I decided to stay with my SO again a couple of days as I came down pretty sick with cold and also need to buy some gear for the record breaking cold in CA. Soon enough I’ll head to Ventura and hitch from there!
    Oh my god, I feel winded for sure. It’s been a wild 3 days, and rough too. But I’m keeping my head high. I stayed under a stairwell at SDSU the first night, at Balboa Park the second night and last night was at Fiesta Island. I can already feel myself beginning to spiritually build character and have to overcome the anxiety of doing this (considering how bad my OCD was a long time ago... I consider this a success!)
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    Shit's invigorating, right? Where to next?
    @AAAutin Nest is Ventura and then Santa Barbara! I actually ended up staying here at my girlfriend’s in Simi Valley, I came down with a pretty gnarly cold (now I know why my first 3 days were so miserable!) and after I get better and get a bit more cold-oriented gear I’m heading up.
    Hell yeah!!! Getting stronger every day. Wishing you safe and satisfying travels!
    I am now on the road!! I spent money on the luxury of a nice ticket to Old Town San Diego, from there I will visit my godmother in East County and then hitchhike up the coast to the East Bay to visit friends and family. It’ll be in time for my 19th birthday!
    The feeling of finally doing this is fucking amazing!
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