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  • planet it motion dude were the fuck r u at bro loveing u kid we r getting ready to hit the rails, dam dude i have been trying to get a hold of u get back at me dude r u ok bro
    planet, whats up dude, this is circles. or motion, dude just to let u know i was not mad at u for u being drunk and beating my dog up. dude u always been my best friend. i was trying to find u for the longest time. so when u get this plz write back i have so much to tell u. much love bro.
    whaddup! i got married mofucka!!! i'm in oregon we were gonna try to go to rainbow but we said fuck it what are you up to? did motion ever get his rv?
    Yo, I met you in Charleston (that guy from Moes) and hung out with you guys at the statue. Gettin ready for my first adventure. I'm in Greenwood, SC -there's a train here. How can I meet up with you, Circles, or the blonde girl with dreads (can't remember her name, think I saw her on here, though). Wanting to head up to TN around July. message me back
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