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    Squats or safe place in Oahu, Hawaii

    Like dude said, lots of tweakers.... A squat will get robbed sooner then later. You will Always need to carry your gear! We all used to camp close to Sharks Cove east side. Had a small crew tho. Worked for some people in Waialua an stayed at these Time Share beach houses. Miliani Town(American...
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    Comment by 'Pcdhitch' in media 'IMG_20180622_112658.jpg'

    Cop in southern Illinois ripped that Wander shirt in half.... Back in September.
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    Flying in colorado springs

    Your best bet is to get work or out of that state....
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    Spanging is bad?

    Think abusing it will hurt you in the long run... I'm getting old an just get work, my sign asks for work. But making easy money is what it is. Hard to resist. When all you do is wander, it's nice to have a stack stashed back so you can take a brake. Focus on travel. But most of us know if one...
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    Getting Old:Existential/ Midlife Crisis

    Could you tell me how you got sober? Bin looking into rehabs. Bin housed up on an off allot this year. Basically wandering has lost its charm. Craving some stability. First time in my life, I've bin worried about how I've bin living. Basically travel these days just cuz, I'm a traveler... Pretty...
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    86 Ford. Broke down out side of Chicago. I split off .

    86 Ford. Broke down out side of Chicago. I split off .
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    Hows western mass for hitching

    The only States that really suck, Oklahoma an New Jersey. Love up state New York
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    Formal apology for being a shithead

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    Flying signs across Kansas

    And pretty sure my info was very helpful.
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    Flying signs across Kansas

    My"tone"wasn't negative snowflake. An piles of shit is all you leave. Might wanna chill . You sound like a broad.
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    Flying signs across Kansas

    Could ask you the same, keep fucking with me....
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    Flying signs across Kansas

    Guess not . not sure how I feel about this site?? Getting ganged up on by people who run this site? Seems like more homebums are on here considering the bullshit that flys around here. Guess are codes don't mean shit these days? The only info I ever give out is were to stay an eat. You'll need...
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    Flying signs across Kansas

    ". ". Don't care. For a traveler site, there's allot of emotion ... You-all done guilting me yet?
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    Flying signs across Kansas

    If your passing that around to random people you don't know, your part of the problem... Over the Last year pretty much all my old spots are blown up. Disrespectful fucks running rampant these days. I'm not going to get all Internet gangster, so I'm pretty much done.... We all have to agree or...
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    Flying signs across Kansas

    Yeah, a little dickish... But you will live. Lessons learned all around. Safe Travels