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  • This shit is getting real, under self isolation - no, it's self quarantine now - thanks to some jerk who came to the Plant knowingly sick.
    He has judged himself, as for me... my locker has been emptied because I am not putting up with that bullshit.
    Looks like I just decided to take an early retirement, so on to greener pastures I go......
    Be safe out there, perhaps we'll meet again when times are better.
    OH mama dear, we're all mad over here..... Living in America......
    [*just enjoyed 4 pints of Guinness Pub Draught, while cranking up Black 47 down below in the control room of me old school recording/production studio, now it's time to batten down the hatches and weather out this storm that's coming our way....]
    Anarchy Peace FREEDOM Love..... Big George W and Loki the Dog xoxoxoxo
    Gotta say, every time I log on to my lap top upstairs, my cat chickpeas meow's to get my attention, and downstairs when I check my phone, my dog Loki try's to get my attention as well, and you know... maybe there's something to this. Of course there is, all this technology isn't doing me any good, it's making me anxious with the virus stuff, so I'm gonna take a break from all this and play with my animals, who seem to know what's best for me.
    Safe Travels Everyone !!
    I keep seeing your profile pic and keep imagining some cute little white dog talking like a 55-year-old chainsmoking West Coaster.
    No, she would sound nothing like that.... although she is 12 years old, she has the sound of a very innocent child.
    That's actually an old picture, from Feb 2011, taken by the person who I adopted my dog from...
    glad you decided to stick around
    we '65ers are dwindling enough as it is...
    mine is a 2002, which i think might have had some transmission work done, as the stock shift points are high, 3000 rpm normal driving, 5400 if I get on it.....
    Hit 110 on the trip where this picture was taken, on Route 8... and I was not really pushing her hard either !!
    Yeah, those Monte SS's rule - regardless of what year they are !!
    Had a friend from Brooklyn, in the mid 1980s... man he had a 71 that was just plain NUTS !!
    I remember em on the south side late 80's early 90's... some sketchy neighborhoods would have like 2 or three parked on a street block. And they would all have the eight-ball or skull valve stem caps on the tires. Ha. I need to get a car again... living minimal has it's draw backs.
    Indeed it can !!
    It was funny, in the 1980s the Puerto Rican's all had the Monte's from the early 1970s, while the Italians all had Grand Prix's from that same era !!
    I miss Brooklyn NY soooooooooooo much.......
    *whoa.... hold on - this -
    Listicle prepping
    this is reason enough to stay !!!
    Thank you WildVirtue, now I have a new path to follow !!
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