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    In case this is anyone we know...

    I'm sure there is someone here who knows her. If there's a community of people peeing on potatoes a la this lady, I'm sure they're hidden somewhere in the bowels of STP.
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    Communes in Atlanta, GA?

    I know of some through friends. There has been a recent reestablishment of communal living in Atlanta. Check these out.
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    On Selling Out

    This is a really fantastic thread. So many thoughtful comments. I think to have reservations about constant mobility and societal isolation is completely sane. Ultimately, I know that my travel is a self indulgence. Traveling has really become just an idea for me, that I return to when I feel...
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    Standing Pee Devices (For those with vaginas)

    Wow, what an idea. I never considered it before. "Tinkle bell" is a baller brand name.
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    Radical Rendezvous Places

    Hostels! They aren't really a place to go to recreationally, but I've met the most fascinating people at hostels by far. The environment fosters interaction anyway.
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    Beware Narwhalmom!

    I'd like to revise what I'd previously said briefly, as I read some of salxtina's pretty sound points about this discussion in a separate thread she made. It isn't my place to pathologize strangers. If I felt confident enough to say her behavior seemed to be aligned with Bipolar disorder, it's...
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    How "love" is a illusion

    Would you mind specifying said baloney?
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    Beware Narwhalmom!

    I'm not exceptionally surprised. I read her post "I joined a cult for a week" and found it very chaotic and disorganized; reminded me of the way a person I know with narcissistic personality disorder/bipolar disorder used to write. A word soup. Also the whole "leaving my kids" thing seemed to...
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    How "love" is a illusion

    If love is an illusion, so what? I know that when a person looks at me intently in a crowded room, and I feel that spark of interest and flattery, both their attraction to me and my reception to their attraction have nothing to do with who we each are individually. "Love," if defined as...
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    how do you deal with past abuse you have committed?

    Abuse is pretty common in this community and I think unfortunately a lot, if not all of us, have had to reckon with our role within an abusive relationship. Most of us are hurt people reenacting our own pain, living the exact type of lifestyle liable to exacerbate and conjure new types of pain...
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    Any News On Scary Laura??

    HAHA yes I realize she was significantly "involved", I suppose I didn't want to offend the people originally searching for her with the truth, but I realize they are probably long gone from STP.
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    Asheville, NC March last year - Young guy with long blondish hair in all white, I have your tiny statue!

    March of 2018 I was in Asheville. There was a very young, weirdly Jesus-esque looking guy panhandling on what I think might have been College St. I was sitting in the park across the street, newly-washed, and eating an ice cream cone for dinner like the degenerate I am – vaguely paying attention...
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    Any News On Scary Laura??

    Here's a Medium article on this that might be interesting to some. Scary stuff. Scary Laura Rocks stuff, although she didn't seem to be all that involved.
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    hi from Philly! looking to camp somewhere in the general area

    I have hopped in the past and know of some hop outs in Philly / near Philly, but I've never personally tried them myself. If you ever want to pursue trainhopping send me a DM and I'll give you the vague directions I have and/or ask if I can tag along! In terms of encampments, there are some...
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    Thank you! Please do.