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  • Lee! Sorry i didn't get to hang out before I left Richmond. I am in portland oregon now. I hope you are well!
    Hey, how goes it? I believe I've actually run into you at the flea market in Southside. I know you are acquainted with my roommates Evan and Kelsey. Did you ever find the entrance to those old tunnels? It's something that I've been interested in but have found no leads.
    Thanks Lee. I'll try to return the favor when I learn how. Right now I'm just sort of flappin in the wind.
    Hey Lee
    so fuckin snow ruined really really free market this month, but we have it every last saturday of each month, from noon to sunset in Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Laurel. We should also all get together for breakfast sometime- kayladean is right. pancakes sometime when there isnt a foot of snow on the ground would be grand.
    hey lee that cream is worse than the scabies, but i think i took care of them all!! we should get together again soon, i was wondering if you wanted to weld together. in any case another breakfast should be in order maybe one at mo's place i wanna make pumpkin pancakes real bad
    Hey Lee how you doing. You gave me bike routes down the east coast not to long ago and was wondering if me and my friend could spend a night at your place. We will be passing through Richmond Va anyways. Its not for a ways off probably around mid Aug.
    Im glad you liked my story....Im in colorado probably untill spring but thanks for the offer if you ever come through pueblo send us a message we'll hang out.
    got the wiki up and running. interested in adding info? email me about the spot open for it
    hey, i see that your little 'online' light is on, I NEED your mailing address AGAIN. I am heading to the post office in a few minutes and wanted to get your hat to you ASAP
    PM it to me as soon as you get this
    Hey still makin stuff good to see. Keep being drawn back to richmond that place seems to have drawn and repeled you alternately all your life hope you are Well I iss youmy old friend.
    sure thing lee (re: richmond post), I just got back into town. Let's meet up if you're down on the 19th or before.
    Hey man, sorry I didn't get down to the market to meet up with ya. I ended up in Hampton Friday night and all of Saturday, but I'll be around.
    Thanks alot sir, I'm livin up in church hill now around 28th and Marshall. Tryin to settle down for a minute and get things together you know. If ya wanna drink a beer or whatever hit me up.
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