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  • Yes it isss! Stop by Myrtle Street. When was the last time you were here?
    Mike's numba is 630-484-0396. I'll be in Berk later, maybe I shall stop by ya hizzouse.
    I was SO CLOSE to the flea market to get a phone charger when I was kidnapped and pulled onto a bus to Sebastopol. Now I have to wait another week to have a cell phone, which has an obnoxious impact on my social life. Let's hang out.
    oh, nevermind...i checked my messages. Nice to e-meet you!
    wait...were you there? who are you?
    glad you like the billboard, and glad to know it's still there. surprising it didn't change at the first of may.
    yeah I'm heading up to folk life but I'm starting from Coos Bay on Friday so I would say I'll just see you up there, I might not get there until Sat. afternoon. I'm also going with my ladyfriend so maybe riding trains is out of the picture but we'll see - I'll let you know more later on. I'll see you there anyhow!
    wierd shit in eugene, got held up for a few days then had to deal with some shit. i ended up going to portland for a few days but i didn't ride any trains. bah. glad you had some fun in seattle, i might head up there for folklife too. we'll see.
    a friend of mine did it based on a photo in natl geographic or something
    yo, dude, i've been wondering where you are. what have you been up to? come out to fnb sometime! it'd be rad to hang out.
    oh shit yeah im sure i know u, friend of russel, enola all those kids
    u see in the pic im with enola showing our knuckle tattoos

    man i need to b in san fran right now
    so much shit goin on right now
    no im in chicago right now but my wife will b in dallas thats y i was askin u
    do u know anything about that place it seems that noone knows anything about that place
    yeah, i was trying not to look like i was watching you. then one of them said something to me and i couldn't tell if i should worry or not. and i just fucking decided i'd do it when i felt more confident, regardless of any circumstances. but then dominique and melissa said i could borrow theirs til we find a squat, which we're looking for tomorrow night.
    oh man! i was just listening to raum last night wishing i could come down to santa cruz to kick it. alas im rooted up in oregon and can't swing down there for a bit but good on ya for opening an infoshop! i'll be down there before all too long i'm sure, and i'm bringing a fifth of whiskey with me! best of luck
    hey, are you still around the bay? a friend and I are headed down there to catch the overland. with luck we'll be in oakland in a few days. we might take a break and sleep a night before we try to get on the train again, let me know if you want to kick it.
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