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    Seeking Couch Place to park my car in PDx

    Hey not trying to hijack thread but no wheels, no tent, no bag here needing a place to crash for the night any ideas or suggestions? Also in PDX
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    Seeking Couch Homebum in Eugene need couch

    Hey all so things went South with rubber tramping in Medford and I've ended up in eugene. If anyone has a couch it would be most helpful.
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    Ride Offered Colorado springs to Albuquerque, then on to Flagstaff to cali

    Hi all have a van with plenty of room a road dog and one male one female, offering ride from Colorado springs, or any of the points we are hitting going to Albuquerque, then Flagstaff, on to So Cal and all up coast to Washington state. Hit us quick as we are making good time. If you can kick in...
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    Just hit the road

    Hey gwasher if you and your brother make it through Nashville in the next few days id love to tag along if you guys headed westish. If not no big deal, I suck at flying and been having a hell of a time getting outta here.
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    Ride Offered Trucker and Scottie seek travelling companions.

    If you are passing by Nashville on your way down would love to catch a ride with.
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    Homeless, my family is scattered and i need to get to boston or cambridge

    Homeless here also, wish you best of luck and hopefully you can get where you need to go.
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    Brand new to site, almost beaten into submission by life, looking for a change, a chance, and a chapter.

    Hi all, Names James, i'm a former I.T. Analyst, Help desk Analyst, NOC Analyst who after 36 years finds the need to go on the road. Currently stuck in ATL, just started off in Charlotte, sans home, bought a cheap bus ticket to ATL and looking for either a place to crash or a ride to share...
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    Hi looking for spot to crash in ATL tonight or looking for ride out heading vaguely west...

    Hi looking for spot to crash in ATL tonight or looking for ride out heading vaguely west ultimate goal of portland. Can help a little with gas.