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    Rubber Tramping Vehicle of Choice

    How do you get into the Ren Fair seasonal job ? And is it pretty fun ?
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    Photos Any other Dreadheads out there ?

    Howzit RamblinSmokey ? It honestly depends on how you wanna TRY to control your journey. Not that that's impossible at all, but they definitely do what they want and change all the time! I used the Twist&Rip method then backcombed a little bit to push some knots up to condense the knots...
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    Photos Any other Dreadheads out there ?

    Thats sounds Awesome. It will be nice to have a couch one day to offer too. Its always interesting to hear how people started their dreads.
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    Photos Any other Dreadheads out there ?

    Aloha! Howzit guys ? I was looking for a thread about dreads and anything that has to do with them weather it be pictures, stories, or pros and cons about them while on the road. Mine are about 2 months old now but the ocean has helped a ton. So ill just post a pic of mine now days, and lets...
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    Meeting people

    I hear ya brah. Ive been on the road almost 2 years now and have mostly stayed on farms for work trade. Thats how i found A Lot of cool like minded people! and some not so cool buzzkill kine. But I haven't had the opportunity to travel this year because im still taking in Hawaii and trying to...
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    I mean Oahu Is prolly like that if your busking all day and living on a beach. These people take pride in da Aina and work 1-3 jobs themselves. I live Big Island in South Kona in the farming community with all the hard working locals and have had no problems at all. Iv been here a year already...
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    just saying Hello

    Howzit Brah. You found a good place! -Aloha-
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    Shoots! I wish brah. I'd be Makin magic work to get you all cheap tickets!! Not gonna lie. I totally bought my ticket 3 months in advanced. I did notice that if you look at airlines by the calander view, just one day can make a 100-200$ difference. Hope to see you guys out here one day!
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    Iv been here a year now. What island you trying to get to ? Try to catch a flight from Seattle, Portland, or San Fran. I paid 192$ for a straight flight from PDX last Nov
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    Video Real Camping In Hawai'i

    Thanks! What makes it more ridiculous is that I do have a bobber for it. It was the one time that I thought to myself "Damn, well since im here I cant not film flips" I was getting out after jumping a couple times. I put it down for a sec on a flat rock to get my knee up, and a wave came and...
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    Video Hawaii Nomad Livin

    Aloha Nomads! Im back again with another video for whoever wants to see it. This video is a montage of some of my time here so far. Da palm trees, clear ocean, cliff jumping, clear skies. and chillin at some locals spots. Its lookin like ill be staying here for another full season before...
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    Video Real Camping In Hawai'i

    Mahalos bruda! I have a youtube channel im tying to build up of my life/journey since I left Detroit. Most of my videos are of here in Hawaii. Thanks for your interest in my video! Im sure you will/would like my channel! Iv been procrastinating on video making since I lost my gopro cliff...
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    News & Blogs Wanted: Good Squatters for Detroit

    Ohh, How HOME has not changed! Just watch out for Devils night before Halloween. That's the night countless abandoned houses burn to the ground!
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    Become my camera man - embark on a unique journey - no video exp. needed

    Brah, if I weren't in Hawaii id do it for sure.
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    injuries? who's got stories?

    My worst injuries so far on the road was this year on my Birthday!! I was driving my moped and had an asshole behind me riding my ass. Not to mention i'm already doing 50 mph. So I get on the shoulder to let him pass and hit a freshly filled pothole that they didn't think to pat down. SO I...

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