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  • Im hopping belen to oakland in a week or so, anyone know how to ID IMs going to the bay area in belen and recent dep times. Thinking of switching to UP in needles.
    also staying on bnsf means no detraining, straight shot to the bay area. if you have a hard time in belen, get on anything and sort yr train in bakersfield.
    @scutellaria i was gonna only switch to UP so i can track it, if i cant track the containers on the bn train im gonna catch. Thanks for the info though! Also cheers from a fellow trans girl!!
    o for suree. i got handy tools for that ^.^ however, that id is very reliable and makes it pretty easy. those trains are pretty hot too. feel free to hmu if u have more questions and ill do my best to help.
    also whats up!! so cool to be meeting all these other girls who ride. hope to run into you sometime!
    Wow its been two years since i posted I've lived in a few cities since, but I'm living in santa fe now.
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    @Crazy Hobo Johnny Santa fe is a really low crime town youll always feel safe im sure. If you're urban camping i would honestly avoid the mega rich they will call the cops for the smallest offenses. Theres a bunch of good little ditches and bridges for sleeping, if you avoid sleeping in the foothills, downtown, and some of the north end youll be fine. There is public blm land to the west that i sleep in a lot its beautiful.
    @Crazy Hobo Johnny Some people would say that most of cerrillos is ghetto but i do not think so at all. Lamy to Sfe is a pretty bike ride and i hope you enjoy it.
    Crazy Hobo Johnny
    Crazy Hobo Johnny
    Thank You!!!!
    It's been awhile I've lost a few friends lately and the pnw kicked my ass so here I am housed again in abq.
    I installed a inverter and roof fan in the van pics to come I hope. P.s. named the van eVAN WHEELiams
    There has been 5000 new members join since I joined. I wonder how many asked for a ccg, never ended up traveling, and never signed back on.
    My pal has a squat in b'more that I plan on documenting my partner has some photo journalism experience so I hope it goes well..
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    that sounds awesome man, i did a little squatting out there back in the day. take some pics, make a video, whatever you want, and post it up here for us to see :)
    This will be the first time my partner is exposed to squatting, and they love finding an excuse to use their fancy camera so should be good.
    Well i gave up on staying put but i ended up in mpls if any one needs warmth let me know i am here all winter.
    it seems like every day i get more and more tired of living this day to day life of work and sleep work and sleep. I need freedom... again.
    In waycross after a small town tour in the panhandle of Florida found a legit hop out in chatahoochie hit me up if you want details.
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