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  • haha holy shit i just saw the post you made to me almost a year ago... good to hear from you! im living in australia at the moment. ive got a work visa and am working in a kitchen saving money so i can head to europe next. what the hell hav eyou been doin the past couple years? lets keep in touch!
    I'm in Chico, housed up with Pigpen and it's awesome...lemme know if you come to town..I'd love to kick it!
    Been a busy summer...on my way to Chico now...The Havre yard was easy, I don't know what all the hype is about..never had a problem there.
    Shit! I just hopped outta Greensboro and got into Chicago this morning...Did you see Train and Tortise in ATL? They found me and we hopped to Greensboro, but the Flipped cos the drank WAY to much vodka. Train had a seizure and in his drunken slur said I caused it. HA! So I ditched 'em. The ride here was awesome though, it only took 30 hrs. Kinda boring by myself though. Gotta #? I'll call.
    ive been alright. i had a fucking crazy ass summer too. probably the best one i ever had. me and madison broke up though, she lives in baltimore now. and the snake house is no more, i came home from work one day and there was a note from the sheriffs office about the house being sold or some shit, so i packed up all my shit and got out of there before anything bad could happen. now im at my rents now which sucks. but ive only got one more payment left on my loan, in the srping im gonna go to the west coast, i found some farms in cali that im gonna go work on. pretty stoked!
    612-615-6166 its a tracfone so i only ha couple of mins.
    i'll let ya know
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