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    trying to get out of the depths of florida

    706 296 4979. i'll be gone by the end of this month though so if it's after the 30th don't worry about it
  2. Myechtatel

    trying to get out of the depths of florida

    Me and my girl are in Orlando as well. Trying to find a ride or something. Too god damn humid and hot to hitch.
  3. Myechtatel

    Compression sacks

    I've never used a surplus bivy sack soI don't know. there's hundreds of different kinds and sizes as opposed to the surplus "one size fits all method". take it into an REI type store and they'll help you find the right fit. simple as that.
  4. Myechtatel

    Compression sacks

    spend a couple extra bucks and get a hiking brand sack. lighter and more weatherproof. The army compression sacks suck. The buckles break constantly and they're almost a pound by themselves. dont carry extra weight if you dont have to.
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    Finding a place to sleep...

    I have reserve money too. Not everyone spends every dollar they make on beer. Anyway, I find that small towns are usually better to find places to sleep. More woods, less cops... I prefer sleeping in my tent so I'll take a patch of woods any day.
  6. Myechtatel

    Taylor made joint from nothing

    You're not supposed to smoke honey. I was at a pipe shop and asked the guy about putting honey in the pipe (because the pipe was indian crafted and kinda rough or something like that i dont even remember). he said not to because it crystalizes in your throat or some shit and does something bad...
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    Yeah I completely agree with that. I think you misunderstood. My point is that while it's extremely common for travelers to say that others should do what they're doing in order to avoid working, etc; when questions on how to do so, they refuse to give answers. that's what i think is stupid and...
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    I never said the arrogance itself killed the train forum. I simply said it was all too common. I agree that there were a lot of people asking stupid questions and not taking responsibility. But like I said, douchebag know-it-alls posting snide replies to questions from newbies is all too common...
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    ^Don't get me wrong, your post was helpful. And even if it wasn't, at least you were contributing. Diagaro, however, wasn't. And it's shit like that that was all too common on the train forum. As far as experience, thank you for sharing yours. But like I said, Diagaro didn't even mention if he...
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    Well I know you weren't trying to be helpful but I did learn something from this. There are sailors(if you even are a sailor) that resemble the majority of trainhoppers. You know a little bit of uncommon knowledge and think you're just so cool. You're unwilling to help anyone else because in...
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    Searching for Scooby

    I know a guy named Scooby. hangs out in the tent city in Gainesville.
  12. Myechtatel


    thank you that was very helpful. i dont know why i cant find shit like that through google.
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    haha. yeah i definitely don't want to just jump into it because i know there's a lot to sailing. wind, water direction, sails and cables to mess with, anchors, rutters, sand bars, storms, not knowing where the fuck you are, etc. it's not like driving a car where theres two pedals, a wheel and...
  14. Myechtatel

    Tent City

    sounds sweet. I stayed at a tent city in Gainesville Fl for a few days and it was pretty cool. The people there were really nice we got a 30 degree mummy bag for free and sometimes churches would come and feed but mostly they were on their own. but people came and went so much that there was...

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