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  • not gonna be here for that. mexico is up in the air still...its complicated. sorry toear about canada. did you freeze your ass off on the way up?
    just give it to my dad. good luck...dont die. im seriously worried because your gear aint that warm...stay safe
    so you know those shirts andi traded you that you forgot to give her something for? we really need a memory card for her small camera. its like the size of your new one its from when she went to scotland. i saw memory cars on ebay for 10 bucks so it aint much. the camera is a polaroid a700. on an off note, when ya leavin?
    Extended ID is this new thing they have going on for the Olympics. Pretty much a glorified ID that lets you into Canada. But passport would be good in the long run anyways. Looks like I'm probably leaving earlier than expected. I won't be able to travel with you unfortunately. Sorry man. One of my best friends just sent me a message saying that the guitarist in his band just flipped out and they need someone asap.
    Definitely man. Need to get my extended ID though. And a little low on cash to be honest. You got a passport or an extended ID?
    what the fuck...that video's wierd. the girl almost eats shit getting on on the fly, then that wingnut kid...what the fuck...whats that shit from?
    guy with the burnt foot photos...fucking gnarly burns its in the stp threads somewhere you showed it to me...the other kids i didnt really expect you to remember. they were at that show though...and they were super ridiculous doing the claw and shit
    so you know the dude with the burnt ass foot? he's staying in chico so we met up. hes a cool guy. also, i dont know if you remember the kids who kept saying "seriously though?!" at the unholy grave show but they came through last night to see iskra and we all hung out.
    oh yeah... the box at top of my inbox is confusing. the show in ventura is at andi's friend's apartment...wierd.
    i just remembered you getting grillin beans and saying they were vegan and didnt remember shorty getting any. that makes sense though
    so today i found out you pulled another d... we found a can of grillin beans that were presumably yours, an on the ingredients, guess what...bacon AND bacon fat! guess you got the wrong one...
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