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  • yo. I just got out of fucking jail. did 3 months. where are you? Im gonna be haeding south east here in a bit
    Gah, traveling in the snow is such a pain in the butt. Hope you guys are keeping warm and have a safe journey the rest of the way east. I will be sure to call you if I head out that way at any point. I am planning to head back out to New York the next chance I get to see some old friends.
    Right on, I am so sick of being holed up here. I miss North Carolina. You guys Asheville-bound?
    Yeah Pat's here with us, Gypsy flaked on us which I'm actually bout to call him. Him and Crow kinda got the bad part of drugs and apparently he just got back here and stole a car. But what eves
    Ive been talking to gypsy boy quite a bit. prolly gonna try and meet up with him. I was wondering where patrick was. I messaged him a few times but no response. no worries though. Ill be heading out of here after new years prolly. or x-mas. gotta gear up...again
    nah. I actually hopped out of roseville back to CO. Im gonna spend the holidays here then hit the road right after. I think Im gonna get a dog before I go this time. cause Ill prolly be rolling by myself so I might as well get some company. who all are you with down there?
    hey if you want to go to the winchester mystery house it's halloween night. give me a call: 530-605-8957
    whats up, Thought I'd friend you and see whats what. If you ever stop by Eureka, California, hit me up and I'll see if I can get you a spot to crash, some beer and smoke.
    ugh we were gonna play, but apparently war trash is taking our place cuz someone in the line of communication didn't confirm so we're not playin that night
    I am headed back to sf, for a flight in the morning. I am flying to lax for $50. Then meeting a friend and she is driving me past la. With luck, I'll be to the slabs on thursday. I'm going to go spange.
    I'm in San Jose right now. I need more money for the busto la. I think I'll be here tonight still, and need a place to crash. I have money for the city bus, can walk a ways too. Call me at 5035106130, my name is Tony. I don't want to be stuck in a strange city in the ghetto at night.
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