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    Ride Offered Cheyenne to Cleveland 8/26

    I'm dropping a couple of friends off in cheyenne and will have room for two.
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    Seeking Couch Pittsburgh, Pa 7/31-8/3

    I'm going to replay fx in Pittsburgh and need a place to clean up at the end of the day. If you had a quiet spot to sleep at that would be cool too.
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    Fastest/Best Routes, Chico to Los Angeles?

    If you're still around tomorrow I can give you a ride down towards Richmond.
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    Ride Offered Cleveland to Chico, CA 4/4

    Left today, I'm parking for the night near the Illinois border.
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    Ride Offered Cleveland to Chico, CA 4/4

    I'm still in Cleveland at the moment and it looks like I won't be leaving until the day after tomorrow.
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    Finally coming back to StP, this time with a War Box!

    Welcome back and sweet ride. Are you going to be traveling in it or just living in a specific area.
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    Ride Offered Cleveland to Chico, CA 4/4

    In about a week maybe a little bit more I will be moving fast from cleveland to Chico. I can pick up as long as you are at an easy spot right off I-80 or can meet up with me. I'm in a truck hauling a horse trailer so I don't want to pick up inside of a city. I will be doing very little stopping.
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    Ride Offered LA to Chico tomorrow

    No, Just East and west a lot between Chico, CA and Cleveland, OH
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    Ride Offered LA to Chico tomorrow

    Heading up to chico from L.A. tomorrow. Can pickup anywhere along I-5 between there. Leaving around 10Am.
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    The Anxiety of Being Mexican American

    You do realize you're posting in a forum filled with people who view a lot of laws as arbitrary and unethical because a lot of laws infringe on the way we live? Why are you even here if your just going to argue about people obeying laws?
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    my forced retirement from being a vagabond

    Is the credit card debt in collections? If it's over seven years old it might be cheaper to have a site like creditrepair dispute them being on record to erase the debt, and then you wouldn't have the bankruptcy on record for the next 10 years.
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    News & Blogs Hassan From the Beat Generation to C-Squat—Friends Bid Farewell to a Counterculture Forrest Gump Jack Kerouac made a character of him; Allen Ginsberg a roommate. And Miles Davis was...
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    Photos Featured The Church Of Carl Sagan Squat

    WTf ...... that was the church?I always wondered who was in that place. I always walked by it from the swamp or the place with the skate ramp in the side yard. that area is still one of the best in oakland.
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    News & Blogs Hassan

    I only met him for a 3 day period in august 2011. He was an old beatnik that lived at C squat. If anyone on here met him and has any pics or stories about him, there holding a memorial next week.
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    Chico California

    It was a punk house on 4th & warner. It started off as The Temple of Glam. I don't know the year it started, I kust know the first house shows i was going to were there in 2002. It fell apart around 2008. There was one night when a friend of mine got stabbed in the kneck at some brawl. They...