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    Event forest music festival The Hollar in Darrington, WA July 5-7

    Whoa, this looks cool but it's the same weekend as Cascadia Convergence, which I was planning on going to again this year. Decisions, decisions... 🤔
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    S.O.A.P. Fest in the woods of Oregon!

    Damn, if I didn't have stuff to do tonight I'd try to get down to somewhere south to meet up because this sounds rad. Hope you have a good time if you end up going!
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    Seeking friends to join in explorations of the Pacific Northwest (WA/OR/ID)

    Totally! Looks like the closest destination on your map to me is the mausoleum in Friday Harbor. I'd be down to meet you somewhere close and take a ferry there some weekend!
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    Banned AzureSoul for racist comments in discord

    I'm guessing this is because of the racist shit they were saying in Discord and I'm not disagreeing with your actions but as far as I know, we never really came up with policies on enforcing rules on Discord vs. the forums. I'm pretty sure there have been people who have been banned from...
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    Smart phone vs flip phone

    The first time I hit the road, I had a flip phone, a shitty digital camera, and an iPod that could connect to wifi. Having a smartphone is basically like having a better version of all three of those devices in my pocket. It made traveling way easier by allowing me to look at maps, search StP...
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    Dick's in Seattle has 19 cent cheeseburgers TODAY ONLY—Jan. 29th!

    I can only imagine how crazy work will be for Dick's employees today. Thank you for your service.
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    Featured A reflection on five years on StP

    Ah yes, how could I forget?? That was the first time I trusted Lucia with my life and it turned out pretty well. I was fully prepared to potentially lose all my gear and go in the water but we made it. @Geraldo is the...
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    Featured A reflection on five years on StP

    So I just realized that October marked five years since I signed up for StP and wanted to get some thoughts down about it. I discovered the traveler scene when I was 17 completely accidentally. I was chilling in a park and there were a couple interesting looking people there so I asked if they...
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    Chiang Mai was my favorite city in Thailand! I'd love to go back someday. Have fun.

    Chiang Mai was my favorite city in Thailand! I'd love to go back someday. Have fun.
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    Yeah, I grew up in Seattle but am in Bellingham now for school stuff. It's alright but I'd...

    Yeah, I grew up in Seattle but am in Bellingham now for school stuff. It's alright but I'd definitely rather be traveling internationally. :P
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    The Anxiety of Being Mexican American

    I can't tell if you're trolling or not but you're definitely flaming people so for that we've issued a warning. Other folks have been responding to your posts in a polite manner and if you can't have a conversation without name-calling, we will show you the door. While you wait out the 30...
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    Writing prisoners? Anyone with experience or wanting to start?

    This is something I've been curious about for a while as well. All I know is that there are very strict rules about it and if your letter breaks a rule it won't get delivered. Hopefully someone here will have some more info!
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    In all seriousness, what do you think the world would look like if tomorrow everyone decided to become a vagabond?

    I think this is an important point and would argue that vagabonds (at least the kind that are present on StP) are as reliant, if not more reliant, on society as other people are. If nobody is producing gasoline, how are you gonna hitchhike? If nobody is working for the railroad, how are you...

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