I'm Mo Karnage
I live in Richmond, VA
mostly stationary too damn responsible
I'm a queer vegan straightedge anarchist- but maybe less of an asshole than most 'hardcore' xvx douchers.
Loves of my life are Flapjack and Grits the dogs. They are terrible but I think they are the best of friends.
I'm into RVA Food Not Bombs, dumpsters, DIY, Richmond Anarchist Black Cross, Richmond Zine Fest, Really Really Free Market, Richmond May Day, RIchmond Copwatch etc.

I live in a collective called The Wingnut. It is a sober space. It is where Richmond Food Not Bombs cooks and where we have a craft night every wednesday. We are doing a house garden and a big community garden this spring.

I run a zine distro called Approaching Apocalypse. Its on myspace and wordpess. One day I'll get a real website.
You can send me letters or stuff or zine orders or submissions at:
Mo Karnage
PO Box 6025
Richmond, VA 23222