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  • I'm doing good I'm back in NY to replace my boots; they arrived yesterday so I'm ready to go haha... 'tis the season! Not sure where yet, but wherever it is, I'll be there haha.
    MOOOOOO!! haha are things, lady. you probably would've gotten the award for "most hardworking racoon" at HOH... if such an accolade existed.
    I may have seen you at Harvest of Hope, maybe a different mo if im mistaken. How are things goin for you? the trashed food was outrageous at HOH, had enough meals for all the hungry people just off wasted food.
    Might be passing thru RVA this month. MIGHT be. Would love to hit up FNB or hang out for a bit before seeing the 'rents.
    Yup i will definitely be going through Richmond this summer and will definitely stop at your food not bombs =)
    do you wanna have a gettin rid of scabies party? we will all get together and destroy them...also im not sure if lyle told you, but get the vcu kids to get the cream they get it fo free
    I'm pretty burnt out on traveling and getting in trouble for riding trains. I've fallen totally in love with New Orleans--this might be the city that settles me down. If I find work in the next few weeks, my travels end here for a while. :)
    I'm kicking it in NOLA. This town is fucking crazy. It's already humid and gross here. Enjoy winter! :p
    A self-described "queer, sXe" doesn't seem in danger of carelessly screwing some guy; why the tubal ligation?
    And I won't argue that women are fully free, but I'll bet the doctors' resistance/hesitation to sterilize you was more about your youth than your gender; they don't wanna sterilize dudes that young, either.
    The Mo that I met with Johnny Ray in RVA? How's it goin'?
    im dumb, found your myspace. still, mail order possible?
    and if i ever make the zine that i've been meaning to make for..a year or so i'll send you some copies to hand out!
    im really trying to get around to it soon.
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