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Apr 22, 2018 at 12:57 AM
Mar 22, 2018
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October 6
Current Location:
849-859 Brook Rd, Wadsworth, OH 44281, USA


is getting to know the place, Female,

Wadsworth, OH, United States
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Tired, and lonely. Apr 15, 2018

Mitzy was last seen:
Apr 22, 2018 at 12:57 AM
    1. Mitzy
      Tired, and lonely.
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      3. Odin
        Well if you yell I will yell... the sky is meant for voices.
        Apr 15, 2018
        Mitzy likes this.
      4. Matt Derrick
        Matt Derrick
        i know that feeling
        Apr 15, 2018
        Mitzy likes this.
      5. Hobo Mud
        Hobo Mud
        That is the typically norm for me when I am travling. It won't always be like this. Keep strong, vigilant it will get better..... Safe travels.
        Apr 15, 2018
        Mitzy likes this.
    2. Mitzy
      I love my rat, but I swear to god if he steals one more letter off my keyboard
      1. Geraldo, Hazardoussix6six and wISDOM like this.
    3. Mitzy
      Yknow I enjoy being able to have a civil debate. Just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean you gotta go apeshit on them
      1. stukovthetuna and Matt Derrick like this.
    4. Robb the Pikey
    5. Robb the Pikey
      Robb the Pikey
      ,,I've heard a lot of bad about Slab City. A lot of people are sayin its full of tweakers, and I've heard some horror stories. Is it that bad? Mar 24, 2018,,

      a pal of mine was there, he ment ,,dont stay longer as you need,,...well , i´ve never been there. do you know Christiania...its a great place in copenhagen.
      1. Mitzy
        ill have to check that place out then
        Apr 1, 2018
    6. starfarer
      i just had to google tweakers! hahahaha pity you guys dont speak the queens english ;)
      1. Mitzy likes this.
    7. Mitzy
      I've heard a lot of bad about Slab City. A lot of people are sayin its full of tweakers, and I've heard some horror stories. Is it that bad?
      1. Matt Derrick
        Matt Derrick
        not really, the media likes to blow up the drug use part when that's really a small portion, and no one likes hanging out with the tweakers anyways. if you come in with a good head on your shoulders you'll be fine, especially if you hook up with good people.
        Mar 24, 2018
        AAAutin, Dontaskme, Geraldo and 3 others like this.
      2. Cornelius Vango
        Cornelius Vango
        People will tell you that every place you want to go sucks. If you avoid all the places that people have horror stories about, you'll never go anywhere.

        That said, I lived in Slabs for 3 1/2 years straight and spent three winters there before that. I think it's great.
        Mar 24, 2018
        solvablejunk, AAAutin, Koala and 3 others like this.
      3. Countrytime Sky
        Countrytime Sky
        Just saw your post Id say its not cool when you run a stream on YouTube about slum city and the person streaming the video says Im trying to stream and answer there DUMB QUESTIONS so ever since that experience a couple or so months I was like FUCK SLAB CITY and if they are tweeking in slum city they wouldn't tell you anyways. Sincerely Sky north coast earth first Humboldt County Northern California
        Mar 30, 2018
    8. Mitzy
      I'd kill for some friends, send a message my way. Be warned though, I never shut up once you get me talkin.
      1. Odin
        bLAH bLAH blah... >>....(0),,,(9)......<<
        Mar 22, 2018
    9. Mitzy
      Just made an account, I've wanted to roam for a while now. A couple more months and I'll be free to do so!!!
      1. Hazardoussix6six likes this.
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  • About

    October 6
    Current Location:
    849-859 Brook Rd, Wadsworth, OH 44281, USA
    Are you traveling now?:
    Planning to
    Spoken Languages:
    Little bit of Hebrew, some German, fluent in English.
    Gender Identity:
    • Cis Female
    Sexual Orientation(s):
    • Pansexual
    Preferred pronoun:
    She / Her
    Relationship status:
    Two Rats, I love em both
    Im flexible as fuck
    Instruments played:
    Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Spoons, and I sing
    Favorite curse word:
    Mom chose heroin and Dick over me
    Dad was an abusive asshole
    Step Mom used me against my dad
    Dad kicked me out twice, and now I'm living with my grandparents. The day I turn 18 I plan on leavin and takin my rats with me.
    Im in Northeastern Ohio now, but I've been everywhere from Colorado to Kentucky. I want to go back to Kentucky eventually and find a place to come back to in the smokey mountains, got family up there.
    Music is my everything, and is all I have right now.
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