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    Seeking Sheltered Parking During Rainstorm

    Dude this damn mudslide I didn't even know about it and am omw to San Diego and have been gas's jugging it and nobody generous here lately and now just waiting get the through when ever they open up the 101 but hope your vehicle doesn't crap out on your , best of luck N safe travels
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    Hello from the Sacramento area.

    I'm east of Sacramento in a small town , if you ever happen to come out to the mountains for some reason and was t to hang out , or burn , if u smoke , hmu, and ya it sounds like you got some things to be grateful for , just be safe and follow your gut feeling
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    never a bad idea to take your time on that decision, a while ago I was trying real hard working at a restaurant saving up, or trying to , towards a van or truck but Hopes didn't prevail , if your somewhat familiar with basic vehicle maintenance anf you got some lucrative hustle really helps with...
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    Still it's probably going to be a worthwhile learning experience , My dad had a friend who did it years ago and mostly cut trails, Good luck with it , got any plans for what you are doing afterwards
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    That is really strange that they make you get your diploma even though u got a ged ,
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    Welcome , so how do you like working for the conservation corps?
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    Hello all

    Good morning brother and welcome, where you thinking of heading to?
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    Welcome to both of you
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    Welcome , you ever anywhere around Sacramento you got a friend, safe travels , and check out the forums
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    Indie filmmaker looking for actors and info about road life

    Currently I'm in San Diego for a couple weeks then I'll be in Sacramento vicinity for a while, I wouldn't mind Helping out with your film if we cross paths ,I'm bit of a indie film head myself, I wouldn't want cash either because film making, making art is something I do for fun anyway, Good...
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    Good for you, and welcome. I can really relate to that introduction, I'm in the same boat my friend , what you said about playing music and losing interest because of the dope I can soo relate too and it's so true and terrible, I'm a musician too and ya it sure does zap all your creativity and...
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    some know me as shar

    Welcome to stp, Vancouver is on my list, got a friend up there, BC though , so by what means of travel you taking when you leave Maine?
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    some know me as shar

    \m/.. nice to meet you Where you from originally?,