For the record, id say im misanthropic, like my screen name says, not someone who hates everyone, I don't like what mankind has done to the planet , his fellow man, animals, all forms of life, and him-herself in the long-run . I am all about peace and love though, I just sometimes have a hard time finding it. I do my best to not let the negativity take over me whole. I obviously love to travel, first time I went was with my best friend in Hollywood in 2009 and have been traveling on and off since. I'm way into music, listening, history, and playing . Creating a band with someone else has always been a goal and dream of mine,- message me if you are serious about wanting to start a band - I've played in a few but sometimes its hard to keep it going, or find the right people, like a relationship, which has been the hardest for me to find as long as I can remember. I've traveled solo for the majority, but have always wanted to travel with a good friend for longer, or my best hope , have a girlfriend who wants to travel. I like to learn about all kinds of trade work, that's the kind of work I like. I'm just looking for friends, someone to love in this world, I like to bring to the table for my folk and I believe in the fellowship. I like to live in the here and now, even though I have some long term goals , I don't like being part of the rat race
Im into sustainable living, biocentrism, anthropology and sociology and the macabre. I like to play and write music- guitar/bass n drums. skateboard, draw, practice martial arts/meditation , lately since late 2013 ive been trying to get back into a more healthy active lifestyle like I used to live; less drugs n booze, I think im making some improvement but sometimes its easier said than done.
Current Location
San Diego, CA
Hull, Massachusetts
Favorite place
Preferred method(s) of travel
walk, skateboard, bicycle, automobile., hitching
skaven , stoney, goyam
Are you traveling now?
Spoken Languages
english, spanish ( somewhat fluent)
Gender Identity
Gender Nonconforming
Relationship status
Open / Polyamorous
Political leanings
fuck all that
tree-trimming, landscaping, masonry, carpentry, painting, heavy machinery, selling things, prostitution , trolling people online or on the sidewalk
Instruments played
drums & pecussion, Bass and guitar
Favorite curse word
Favorite websites
shee-eire.com, youtube.com, This one!:D , craigslist.com, coasttocoast.com prisonplanet.com