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    Long Fire (Extended warmth for overnight)

    Not my video. I've had pretty good luck with these for cold weather camping. There's a learning curve, and a bit of prep involved so don't wait last minute to rely on this.
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    Rifle on the Road

    10/22 Takedown is fantastic.
  3. MikeK85

    Rifle on the Road

    IIRC, you're allowed to transport guns through all states in a vehicle provided they are stored correctly (inaccessible from passenger area, ammo separated, ect..) and not specifically banned at your destination. In practice it can be different, see NYC for many egregious examples. Being on...
  4. MikeK85

    What are the chances of me needing to defend myself?Hitching/train hopping

    Pretty unlikely. The best way to prevent it from happening is avoiding sketchy places with dumb people. Sounds simple, but it takes practice to notice the signs and listen to your gut. I've found alcohol fuels alot of violence, so stick to smaller gatherings with chill people.
  5. MikeK85

    self protection

    No offense, but that's BS. I am always armed and because of that I avoid needless confrontations. It's a lifestyle choice you have to make when you start carrying. In fact I quit drinking because of it (hangovers and drunk people kinda ruined it for me too :D)
  6. MikeK85

    concealed Carry anyone?

    It's a good idea to have options. Unfortunately the variance between states (and even cities) makes it tough to be in compliance all the time (I've quit trying or even caring). This applies to knives, OC spray, guns, ect... For travel I prefer small semi-autos and pocket guns. My current...

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