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    How to use stolen solar panels

    as a person who works for a solar energy company, ive never heard of gps tracked solar panels. also its not the government that does the install or electric, its contracted out to a company. also..... i may be wrong, but if you dont have a disconnect tool or a zip tie or hell even a small flat...
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    Its not rainy now, but i think stating tuesday its supposed to be a lil rainy til friday
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    im still waiting for it! any day now... Im gonna be in the redwoods this week and then go out to dunsmuir to come back to portland. if yr gonna be in RV in a week or so, you should just come on up to the butte and say whats up. other than that, ill be in the bay the first week of may.. i think
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    yeah! you can find me at the bluffs mon-fri 10am-6pm. ill be the obviously depressed guy on the bench with a 12 pack
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    eh if you came from seattle you could crash. i dont want people to just email me cause i told everyone i live here and expect a place to sleep, you know? even better i could come up there? we'll figure something out. you come down here and the first rounds on me.
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    yeah i know what you mean. i was working for a while on swain island but the hours were crappy and it was too far so i quit. now i got nothing to bide my time and all of my friends went to mexico. i would leave but im doing a stint in love jail. let me know when you do get some free time. id...
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    do it! i think im escaping back home to NC in june. if you get here before then, drop me a line!
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    So ive been living here since june of 2012 and i dont have any friends. does anyone who actually lives in this crapper hole wanna ever hang out? *THIS ISNT A WAYSTATION POST. NO, YOU CANT STAY AT MY HOUSE* PORTLAND, OREGON SRRRYY
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    my first train ride went like this...

    my first ride was NS 352, a turn from greensboro to raleigh, nc - about 80 miles. it was january of '10 and it was me and three others. they all knew what they were doing and i had not a clue to even the type of car we were riding. i was def a greenhorn and would not have been there if i didnt...
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    im live in boston now. going to nyc to check out wall st sometime at the end of the month. hit...

    im live in boston now. going to nyc to check out wall st sometime at the end of the month. hit me back with a contact and ill get in touch with you
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    stupid knuck tattoos

    dirt poor.... but it looks like dirt poop
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    116 market st
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    Your site has gone to shit.