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    are you still in boston mister?
    ill be getting a cell phone this week or next and make sure you get my number, i definetly got a place you can stay ,its a housing co-op unless you're staying in the park. cheers to that man, alot of my roomates have been going up to the wall st deal.
    hey man its benny from gso. made my way up to brooklyn heading out to the mountains in california near december, lets drink forties sometime.
    everywhere not sure when. im trying to get a new instrument/ebt right now. got my mandolin jacked last week in San Diego. hows yer adventures goin?
    hey you comin my way soon??? fayettevill, nc
    its cool when i get to get out, most of the time im stuck at this house ive been stayin at. Are you still in Greensboro? I just started picking up knitting, its relaxin.
    Im in the Boro. Heading West soon, need to end up in Austin but Arizona could be worth while. Let me know what your thinking.
    hey, i saw that you are looking for a travel bud in december. i may be interested, can you give me some details?
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