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  • dude. I just want to know where you saw that sign thats in your avatar? is that for real?
    yeah im in new mexico right know its alright kinds shwag thow
    that sounds way sick a van would be nice
    oh it might of ben virus im not sure you look really fomiller i spell like shit bro
    do you know stick man i went back to mill 4 mounths ago its getting really shwag there
    the cops arrested you for nothing kinda like ocala does well get shwilly and mayby ill see you on the road
    oh yeah when you comment some one you have to go to there site are they dont get it
    i'm not 'from' tempe i hung out there for a while till i got banned from mill ave. i was traveling with a kid named rob, goes by virus
    yeah you easily could have, i've spent a little time in tempe the profile picture is actually taken in downtown tempe behind big fat greek
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