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    old ex traveler,explorer

    you could always relocate to santa cruz and grow old with the best of em (us).
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    When will it end?!

    come to santa cruz. its been freakishly cool esp. at night.
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    is that picture from that long ass article about feral kids? word.

    is that picture from that long ass article about feral kids? word.
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    aging hobo

    thanks for the replies everyone. well, mostly. i dont think anyone needs to assume what exactly i am/am not frustrated about, or that i need to explain in full detail why i feel like ive dug myself a pretty deep hole with a decreasing amount of options although perhaps i should have been more...
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    aging hobo

    ok, i turned 25 this year. i know it isnt *that* old but i definitely started going 'wtf am i doing with myself?!?!' a lot. my back hurts. my liver hurts. i live under a tarp in the woods. i dont even really travel anymore. i am just one bum among a thousand in santa cruz. i dont aim to end up...
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    problems with racoons

    i have an awesome raccoon story from here in santa cruz. so theres a trailer park on the edge of a forest where folks camp sometimes. this kid goes to sleep right behind the trailer park one night. before going to sleep he hangs his backpack in a tree because there's food in it. he is woiken...
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    Illegal immigration

    class war is all around us. the war against migrants is a good example. as many people have pointed out the global south has been pillaged by the capitalist classes of the west (and more recently of the south itself) since 1492 or thereabouts. since 1994, when nafta went into effect and the...
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    Good reads

    what the fuck? fuck that. im taking all your punk points. im going to put them in a drawer and you can have them back when you bring me stolen book. stealing is punk. period. fuck business as usual.
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    Illegal immigration

    yeah, like you for one. think about it, competing with other poor folks is not a fact of nature but a reality imposed by capitalism. is the best solution you can come up with to support a bunch of nationalist gangsters (ie the federal government, migra etc) to keep poor folks out, and...
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    travel with accordion

    good luck! ive seen people rock this with a pack on and accordion case in front
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    The Dangers of Squatting

    holy fuck. man, it would sure be too bad if anything happened to those ruthless motherfuckers' house now that youre not living there anymore.
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    a friend of mine did it based on a photo in natl geographic or something

    a friend of mine did it based on a photo in natl geographic or something
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    oakland riots after police slaying fuck yeah
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    Photos paradise city aug 06

    when i lived there, jascha and i would talk about how much we wanted to piss on its ruins after this happened. as i said, it was NOT really a good part of my life...
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    i dont really understand your first sentence, do you really think the activity of hamas is grounds for the destruction, starvation and abuse being visited on the people who live in gaza?? i certainly hope not... i dont support answer, hamas, israel or any other state (or wanna-be state)