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  • hell yes bro! that was you last night at ellen's bday, surrounded by schwilly FT's and gp's, lol. i knew your name sounded familiar-thank you whiskey. We've gotta kick it again sometime. Hit me up! <----- Flying Thumbs #251, Official Best Friend
    hey fool. just dropping in to say: i really enjoyed talking to you last night :). hope you're havin a decent day and that you got your foodiestampies. xxpepper
    Hey, I was wondering if you could add a "Send message" option for when youre actually viewing the persons profile? I know when you see their name in a thread and you click it, the mini window that pops up you can click "start a conversation" with to send them a private message, but a link on their actual profile page would be useful as well. :)
    Hey buddy. Finnnnnnnnnnally getting a netbook within the next two weeks. Then twitch and I can start helping mod again. The site is looking great!
    I banned your robo buddy PostBot. Sorry, but it was personal. However, she seemingly works fine and still does her job. May we leave her perma banned?! lol
    Hey Matt,
    I dont know if you got the previous message i sent you, but the gist of it is that I am completely sympathetic to your plight, local here in baton rouge (we can meet sometime if youd like) and interested in helping you with the site, your bus, or whatever else. I appreciate your efforts here, and am glad to see the site back online despite the issues youve had

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