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  • Anyway to change the title of a thread? I posted "What pack & cook?" 'Wilderness Squatting' 3o min.s ago and blotched my title. Blarg. Gramma nazi
    nice comment, you left on that gg allin video i posted.
    i've that thought that myself about the whole gg allin thing

    I just joined the site and thought it best to start with you. i am a photographer and filmmaker from Ireland. I am researching for a short film i want to make about life on the road in the USA. Maybe you have some ideas about the best way to start? The site is very impressive by the way.

    adam patterson
    finally finished putting up the new icons for each forum section. check it out by clicking on the forum tab!
    hey! heard you were coming out to the slabs to see kat, i'm here with him right now but i'm headed to tucson before you get here
    paypal is not allowing me to donate without giving a routing # and all that. know of an easier way?
    working on the stp website. changing the former "media" section to the word "videos". easier to understand that way.
    hell yes bro! that was you last night at ellen's bday, surrounded by schwilly FT's and gp's, lol. i knew your name sounded familiar-thank you whiskey. We've gotta kick it again sometime. Hit me up! <----- Flying Thumbs #251, Official Best Friend
    hey fool. just dropping in to say: i really enjoyed talking to you last night :). hope you're havin a decent day and that you got your foodiestampies. xxpepper
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