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  • hey dude...wherre on earth are you these days? let me know! perhaps we will cross paths again in the future...
    how are the states treating you? are you on the west or east coast? I just got back to Oz from asia this time a few days ago and really wanna try riding the rails here, if you get a chance could you give me a hand with routes and stuff? im in vic but id like to head up to NT :)
    happy trails
    Are you still around? Are you still riding? I'm in Bundaberg and feeling desperate to get anywhere else. I've been staring wistfully at the freight trains but nothing looks rideable. Please, be my friend and share with me yr wisdom. I'll trade ya some of mine
    Hi Makan,
    I hopped in Africa, US and EU. Just arrived in Brisbane, any tips & tricks to catch a northbound here?
    Cheers - Rick
    [email protected]
    yo makan

    im nz artist and journeyman, just did a big hitch from bris to darwin and down to alice, i been eyeing up that big ole 'gahn' thats parked up in the station a couple of times a week. if you have any good tips for me to make my first train experiences here easy then please get a hold of me, perhaps we can catch up:

    [email protected]
    see you wrote somthing about "fuckin hop trains" in thailand , where have you been catchin out. and gettin what ways?
    for Rnj;

    nope :( I'm back in Australia untill next year, then I shall be heading back towards you via europe. thanks for remembering! hope all is well.

    for psychoviolinist;
    currently in Tassie, I wanted to ride my first lines again, after a stint in the forest, sadly it hasn't stopped pissing down since I got here so neither have been possible.
    nice! I shall be back in adelaide towards the end of the month, but hopefully escaping again soonafter.
    Hey man no worries for the map. I put it up a while ago now hahaha that brings back memories.
    Where bouts you traevling to at the moment? I'm in Ballarat catching up with some mates then gonna head down to adelaide for a bit. Good to finally see some aussie hopping going on here :)
    Hey man, where you at. Did you get into Canada/US fine? I'll be hanging around Winnipeg for (most) of the summer.
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