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  • nope never got out actually im still fucking here man
    finally broke up with mt girlfriend though
    im debating college at the moment
    idk if i want to go or not
    olivia its mark kid from pueblo with up steal your face tat remember vodka and sring water whats up hit me up me and steave are comin after all this snow see ya soon
    Are you in south bay cali? I'm on my way to bay area and noticed you busk too, how's the turn out there? You get hassled fer signs?
    I sent you those patches but they just got returned to me. Apparently they cant deliver them, because I addressed them to "ms. Madewithpaint"
    are you still at that address and if so how sould i address them?
    ya theres some definite awesome ppl there. i was in town boatnik weekend but ended up getting 86'd out and then just went and got hammered for the rest of the weekend. good times.
    Sorry for the wait. ^^ Hey, that's really awesome! ^^ I played a few numbers with a local indie outfit in a room with three people, for free, hahaha. ^.^ It was fun though. We covered Oasis and The Pixies. ^^
    I hope to find you well. ^^ My Spring Break has been the shit! ^^ It rains CONSTANTLY, and I love it.
    See you around!
    yeah, they are dead heads. i honestly don't like the music, and thats the reason i didn't go on tour. monkey wanted me to, but i had some gigs lined up for my band. but i did go the the regional rainbow gathering with him outside of laytonville. i really haven't seen him around, i think he's down in riverside with his new fling, and i haven't seen jesse since ashland
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