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    Ride Offered Colorado to whereever

    Yeah i gotta stay around in Colo till early July.
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    Ride Offered Colorado to whereever

    Anyone in Colorado tryna go somewhere else? Got wheels and one obligation in late july
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    Best State to Register

    Arizona. Anywhere is under $25. Title change, registration for a year. (Insurance doesn’t matter)
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    Schwillam/Sirius/Dru/Sean/Audio/What the fuck Ever.

    What’s so bad about BBR? Never heard of it?
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    Best cop spotting apps?

    Just get a cop radio
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    Pink bunnies in S.Oregon

    hey so i’ve been traveling with my wife for a few months now. been thru arizona, California, and Oregon. Recently while being here in south Oregon we ran into some other travelers that wear “pink bunny onesies” their real names are Dave Abear and Johnny Nicholas. they stole a bunch of ommp trim...