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    Hey if you are looking at this I don't use this website any more. If you want to get in touch...

    Hey if you are looking at this I don't use this website any more. If you want to get in touch with me I am on under the name "emil". You can also send me an e-mail at [email protected]
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    Summer 2011

    Research the hell out of it until the summer then please! For your sake and everyone else's.
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    Digihitch is back up

    I found a few good things on there but take the advice people give on there with a grain of salt. I've seen more than one "experienced hitchhiker" on there give advice that is untrue
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    Look At This Fucking Oogle

    Haha, on the header is a picture of the Dandelion Junk Queens. Not oogles!
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    We need more appalachian old-time musicians!

    I play clawhammer banjer, it's a hoot. I like the minor sawmill type stuff and round mountain tunes. Some of my favorites: June Apple Spotted Pony Over the Waterfall Cluck Old Hen Greasy Coat Sail Away Ladies Walk Along John to Kansas Boatman Arkansas Traveler Georgia Railroad Train on the...
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    Suggsted Books on Simple Living

    Sounds good, I'd like to read what you write about it if you don't mind. I read it in one sitting, partly because I was doing a lot of sitting, mostly because it was really good.
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    Suggsted Books on Simple Living

    There was a great book on here called Possum Living, it might not be 100 pages though. Check the uploads section
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    Tattooed pigs - nice work, but totally fucked!

    Most hardcore pigs ever. Seriously though, their gate is wierd as shit. I've heard that people learning to tattoo use pig's skin to practice, can anyone verify that? I mean like.. removed from the pig, not like the above link.
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    Squats in Eugene?

    Under the 105 ramp with all the railkid tags on the big circular post?
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    Squats in Eugene?

    I would say no to Jefferson park, it's got lots of homebums and heroin. The two H's of Eugene. Also Russ T maybe should keep that info to PM or something as it is not really a squat and may not be good for all of the internets to show up looking for a place to crash. Lots of scumfucks come...
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    Why being a 'drunk punk' and an 'anarchist' don't actually go together...

    Do people drink because they don't care or do they not care because they drink? The world may never know, because everyone is too drunk to care. "but fuck "anarchists" who aren't doing any positive work whatsoever in any communities, just getting drunk, travelling, and talking shit...
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    the digital vagabond

    With your bare hands. Core.
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    the digital vagabond

    How you gonna get that canoe to the river/lake/bay without a vehicle?
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    Dragon Con #24 Atlanta, GA Sept 3rd-6th

    Oh my shit balls. Next year. Thanks for posting this. Have fun! Pictures?