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  • did you say "fancy ipod speakers"?
    haha, those things cost a buck and they go with this ancient CD player that holds on for dear life as i write... gotta have the music.
    I'm assuming you two aren't the two dudes Matt from shorebirds talks about in the sonskull interview in Hit Me Back issue 4?
    hey, theyre finally opening an infoshop in santa cruz. very exciting! of course, raum is playing there on saturday, should be a good time. anywhere near by? or still in oregon? oh and its finally winter here in oakland. finally.
    yep everything went awesome awesome, we just got to phoenix, staying with my sister for a bit, then heading back east although i'm really tempted to move to oakland.. how are you!?
    was fine... horrible headache, but it went away with some more sleep.
    Where did you end up taking off to?
    Good! Met some cool people in Roseville (traveling kids and also very friendly workers) and rode piggyback most of the way back to LA.
    Might have just been my old ways, but he seemed pretty full of shit to me. The kid didn't really care for him either, but to each ya know. But you are welcome anytime my friend. (Ely-Za said to tell you hi and that you impressed her by washing your dishes..Weird kid huh? I just feed her and she keeps showing up, ha ha ha) See ya round So-LAme...-A
    Did I hear right, you are floating in 1-5 again. If you get stuck here in Salem, food and a shower, always...-Arrow (please, don't bring that doof you had with you on Easter though.)
    hey are you in or around the bay? im already getting antsy, ive been here for a week, haha. i was thinking about taking a short trip to dunsmuir for a weekend from oakland, any interest?
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