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    Would appreciate it if you would post your info in the Regional Section of the new Waystations Thread. Thanx!
    OHHHH, right right...The coastal stay right...I am SO gonna get a hold of you about the floor space for a night, maybe closer to the center of the summer. Just one night and I'll supply pizza and brews...Bring the kid too...If the offer is still good ( I am referring to a post you made awhile back. )
    just a quick note, I hadn't seen ya in here lately, was starting to wonder if you were still roaming around out there or what. I'll be in U-ge this Sunday, visiting with D-Feet. Should I swing by, bring ya a tall boy? I'll have the youngin' w/me too
    hey just got back to the bay, minus two teeth, haha fuck. Did you manage to get out of eugene or what? Im heading back up that way for folk life, but i need to chill out for a second til then.
    Stereo, sounds good to me. Give them my number, and if they are comfortable with it, have them call me when they have a fair ides of when I should come by...Thanks again, that was way kool of ya...How's the bag holding up?
    Sure thing with the stereo you rock Macks. Sewing stuff for you anytime, lol...(hows the bag holding up, ha ha) Give them my number too ok. That way they can get in touch with me at their comfort and speed. Truly you rock, thanks...I'm moving books around already, lol...Oh and Bolt hasn't taken that vest off since you handed it too her, well excpet to take a shower. She is all kool now , lol.
    Did you find that square dance this weekend yet? I probably shouldn't be hanging out waiting for another square dance after fracturing a thumb up in Olympia square dancing this last weekend, but's kind of an addiction.
    "My bike locked your stardust!!!!"
    Hey man. I'm catching out of Oakland in a few hours heading to Oregon. Eugene probably being my first stop. You there still? I should be there in a few days.
    ok yeah i met u really briefly at the nudie beach in portland, so whats goin on this days with u
    re:comment on picture) It is an EVERY DAY thing up there. You should ask Labea she is there now...I can't even begin to count how many 'meetings' I had with random moose up htere. And yes, even as big as i am, those fuckers scare me...
    yep desert yard it is,hey did u hopped a train with this girl monet? from portland to eugene last year??
    that was somewhere between eugene and klamath falls, last week. train stopped for 7 fuckin hours, partially in 2 different small tunnels.. i got bored and started walking around taking pictures
    we were in n. cali for a couple months, portland again; a week ago we split up, casper to the south and me to the midwest, then deep south. we'll be in nola in january then i'm (and maybe casper) going to central america. so were kind of all over. come kick it in nola!
    Oh, my banjo is a fender! =D I love it, but still really havent gotten the hang of the picking style and all that. =/
    "Don't worry too awful much about nothin because everything won't never be alright nohow" - Clyde Johnson

    AHahAhHAahHAaaaa....that's fucking perfect.
    Happy Birthday you lil' punk! Git a JOB!! GIT! OUTTA! MY! TOOOWWNN!!!! I hope your face melts proper on this days that is yours.
    Just saw the link u shot on my pic. Hell, I didn't even know people wrote anything on them. Thanx for giving the kid a clue as to the symbol, although when I got it done it was on a grainer and we were pretty sauced! Thus, it's kinda shifted and shit! Good hunting!
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