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    I was hanging out with Wider today and he mentioned you and Bob were thinking of going to some hot springs?

    When? Lets do it!
    hey whenever you're on a proper computer (ex., not a blacktooth/iberry/smartpod phone), would you be able to leave a very honest and blunt "reference" on my waystations post? so people either know if i'm a douchebag, not a douchebag, or good but just not what one would expect. word up.
    hey just going through sayin suuup to everyone.........sup.
    hey macks! how ya been?? im back in oakland now...have a house and all. come visit!
    macks where you at? how's the move north and then east? i'll be around here november if you're still going to come this way. except the 6th-9th i'll be in columbia, mo, for a midwest bike polo champeenship! sweeeet.
    Burnside and 18th 10pm, bluffs at 7pm.
    Hey, if your interested I have a bar booked for my bday, they have a special, free drinks for an hour for 9 people. Im not sure if there is some kind of catch but when I called them they didnt mention any. So far I have about 9 people invite, but mostly people I invited I did just because I had no one else to invite, I know they wouldnt care if I swapped a few people for a couple of you if you and whoever want to come.

    LEmme know before monday so I can give you the details
    "hey friends,
    please not that the show at Slim's in a couple weeks is being moved to a later date. i will keep you posted...

    thanks, looking forward to seeing the folks up there again!

    got yer note regarding the burn-out kid. Had a feeling on that one myself, only offed up a ride to on-ramp, lol...
    No problemo, that what friends are for, er at least the ones that are moms that never forget shit, lol...
    fuck, between you and Finn, Pritymic might stop talking to me, and I like that guy, lol (see the 'wrong way kid thread...eye roll) Oh, and did you remember to call your pops on dad's day? Good boy...(I called mine too)
    I will be living in Winnipeg by September. Can you invite me to the Waystations group? I'd like to give people a place to stay, is possible.
    you need to invite me to the waystations group as i have one...
    HEY!! I have some left over AT maps you could use - what section are you planning on doing?
    hey are you gonna make it up for folk life? im leavin the bay around may 17th or so, i want to ride trains up there, but i dont know, im feeling....lazy (?) about it. if you want to roll up from eugene to seattle, or try to again id be down! we'd have to give it more time tho...and maybe get a bus ride to the yard this time? haha
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