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  • Healthy in PDX. Back here after years to keep track of those bugging out and to check in on those still on the road.
    gatherings arent all hippies, you should go to one before you judge, theyre great.

    anyhow im leaving to go to berekely in a couple days, waiting to hear from my friends who have my puppy so i can meat them there
    I'm actually planning on coming back up again in June to haul as many kids as I can to the national rainbow gathering, which is the first week of july. It's worth checking out if you don't have any other destinations in mind.
    haha just got out of juvenile hall in san diego...i was charged with three felonies, but my mom knew someone who knew someone and magically got all the charges dropped. i've been asked to stay out of san diego county for a while though...im flying up to oregon in a couple of days to hang out for a minute, then im probably going back to the bay to keep doing what i do
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