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    News & Blogs Kid Rock for senate! (Not kidding)

    fair enough... wish i knew the mods and owners world views before joining. but most people realize the government is just the middle man, the federal reserve are the rulers. good luck, i can't participate in a community that censors the truth.
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    News & Blogs Kid Rock for senate! (Not kidding)

    you can dislike my post but to send me a warning for apparently posting hate speech is ridiculous. their is no hate in that post, only truth
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    Photos getting the most out of your razor

    started doing this about a year ago. was fed up with going through so many razors. the plastic guard is completely unnecessary. the only part of the guard that is important is the sides near the corner of the blade. this is what you need: a single blade disposable (dual blades will still...
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    News & Blogs Kid Rock for senate! (Not kidding)

    we grew up in same neighborhood. i like him but nobody can make a difference through the system. the system is unrepairable. only way to fix it is to throw it out and start over without a J-ewish controlled central bank.
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    my mother says the same thing and to this day i don't understand that statement. i talk with my mother through email regularly but I've had zero interactions with my father in over 20 years. getting away from toxic relationships is the best thing you can do for yourself imo. yes, the memories...
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    tobacco prices....

    [email protected] posting this thread in "staying healthy"... when you're ready, read the easy way to stop smoking by alan carr sry for the derail... carry on
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    Fishing without a rod

    laws? what's all this talk about laws? laws are for the 9-5 slaves. if you're in a survival situation you fish, hunt and forage however you please... if you don't have the devil's dollar then you in a survival situation. laws... lol
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    Difficulty sleeping outside

    i don't move much so whenever i do it always takes me a few nights to get comfortable and a few weeks to really relax. people that move often will get comfortable much faster. it's mostly a mental thing... but as others have said a pad can make a big difference.
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    What's the shitiest place in the US y'all have stayed?

    yeah, every place is shitty on some level... I'll never go back to atlantic city.
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    Natural cheaps to deal with body odor

    i used this before when i ran out of the poison stick. works well... lately i been going without anything. honestly like the smell of B.O. better than perfume/cologne. as long as you wash daily nobody should notice unless they snuggle up with you.
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    Photos so you wanna be an artist...

    been kicking around the idea of creating a comic book/strip to sell/ask for donations. but i haven't attempted to draw anything in 15 years... well, it's not like riding a bike, i tried... it sucked. it's gonna take time. while i was searching for ideas (storyline, characters, ect.) i...
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    Get ready for war!

    no matter how powerful the USA may be... we are no match to sabotage from within. the USA won't survive the NWO. well, technically speaking, no country will. spreading democracy, lol, more like spreading slavery... when the troops are done enslaving the rest of the world, they will bring down...
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    the lizards crawling on my tent gobbling up all of Bill Gates GE mosquitoes keep me company... i <3 those insect destroying creatures.
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    closest I've ever been to peeing on my ex was using the toilet together.