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  • Yeah that was me that left the shine. I figured it would help someone out with a good night. I had a few more jars with me when I left.
    Oh ok, I was wondering what happened to you guys. Well, I hope to see you out here on the west coast soon. I'll be stuck here in LA. Hope everything goes well, travel safely.
    haha, hoi marcel... good to see you on here! I hear you got deported back to the land of the free?? Hows things!? Im not on here much these days, sorry for the late reply :) take care of yourself kid
    yeah, you surely saw me there. i'm in richmond va now, but i might come back to asheville soon.
    hey dude you wanna go to the cumberland (west knox) yard... the east is bull training... so catch east from there bro!

    (going on what a friend said tonight who lives there) goodluck man!!!!
    Shitchea dude. I've got some stuff to take care of here for the next week or so, but I'm ready to leave pretty soon. Do you think you'd be able to meet up with us in Greensboro or Winston? I'm in Salisbury now, but I'm meeting David in one of those cities. I'll be in touch with details. Stoked to hear yer down!
    Oh really? Well, I'm putting a small crew together to head up to Philadelphia pretty soon. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks. It'll be me and my boy David, and we're looking for a third roaddawg. if yer interested, hit me up and we'll iron out the details!
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