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  • some guy named Boots said you wanna take some short hops? lol. hit me up if you wanna ride up to Flint or Port Huron.
    staying in ferndale right now stayin with a friend. gonna find a suitable squat in the wayne state area this week hopefully. and i just got back. i'm here for the summer, then west across canada this august and harvestin norcal in the fall, then takin the harvest $$$ to europe for the winter!!!... i'm from warren that's where i went to school but i been gone for 2 years and just got back!
    Murder Mitten haa! Born and raised dude.
    Where at in MI? I'm from the Eastpointe/Warren area, like 9 mileish
    Where you traveling to this summer?
    hey there, im in arcanum ohio, about an hour from dayton. im pretty far from detroit im pretty sure, but let me know if you are coming anywhere near!
    ah.... wellll im in michi still... near Detroit...

    not really capable of doing much of that stuff... tho it does sound interesting...

    but basically the plan is come june 10th me and a couple other of my boys are hitting the tracks to the east coast... not sure if ill be coming back.
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