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  • Hey, I'm an Aussie up on the Sunshine Coast (45 minutes north of Bris). Just thought I'd say hey, been looking to meet some fellow Aussies. I'm a newbie to hitch hiking and train hopping.
    pretty fuckin awesome :) Am finally giving my bike a rest, here in barcelona, after 8 months of riding the road.. so enjoying learning spanish and c-h-i-l-l-i-n!
    might be over to the us/mexico sooner than i think though, got a mate doing the crossing this year. Was supposed to be next year, but he's jumped it forward. we shall see.
    haha land of the free, that is it. Been ridin' around a little enjoying what is left ot be enjoyed in this country. Hoping that I don't go crazy! How are you?
    Lily you punk! I forgot you used this site till this morning! It is Marcel!
    Say, is there any way you can rip some MP3s from that book's CD of Black hobo songs, and then perhaps post a link to an uploaded .rar file, perhaps? And then others could download that file and hear the music?
    That would be great if you could...
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