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  • If you're trying to get a ride out west and you're still in Clarksville, I can get you as far as Baker City, Oregon. I'm going up to Cle Elum, 80 miles southeast of Seattle. Cheers!
    Hey, me and my friend just got to the Clarkesville area and don't really know what there is to do around here, other than the bars, which are packed full of army wives. Do you know of any place that's actually worth going to in the area, or is Nashville really it?
    Hey, I saw on the Slab City post that you said you are driving from portland. I'm trying to find a way there still from Sacto, and was wondering if you still had room?
    Hey, thought I'd drop you a message, I'mma be travelling through Ten. sooner or later either mid or early spring of 2010.
    yeah yeah, trade is good...Better than money most times, even, right, lol....Have a great trip out here, and I look forward to sharing some tricks with ya...
    when you get out here, if you want to, I'll trade you a couple smaller pieces that you make, for a few of my tricks, sound fair. You're that gal that's coming across the center of the states here soon, in a car with a partner right? Keep in touch through StP and wehn you get closer I'll PM you my number...Safe Journeys.
    hey whats up ill say for squattin new york its fair for a city,
    how you guys been there before?
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