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  • considering an adventure that needs to start around kamloops in april :) ideas and maybe someone to tag along with
    suffering a broken heart slowly duct taping the pieces haphazardly back together
    hey lilly, sorry I took so long to reply.
    Life's not bad. I should have no complaints but I'm growing more and more restless with a certain mundane lifestyle that I've fallen into. Y'know, the 9-5 life. But I figure its gonna be worthwhile if I bide my time through this winter season and end up in the spring with a ton of cash, itchy feet and an open mind.
    How bout your own? What you been doing to keep yourself sane in these dreary winter months?
    the fact that I'm in butfuck, SK is worse than the weather. the Oppurtunity for work and a place to stay came up so i took it.

    I'm from the prairies so I'm used to the weather. sure it can get down to -50c at night, but its a dry cold so you don't feel it as bad. and the fact that I'm indoors, helps. And, hey thats not fair. you're from BC. Compared to BC, the whole rest of Canada is colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra.

    going to school is a pain in the but, but, not having an education is probably worse.
    hey, i found work and a place to stay in a small town in SK. It will keep me indoors, I guess.
    I'll try to have a few good stories, but I'm more of a photographer then a story teller.
    I will be in BC for most of the fall. Okanagan and victoria. after that I'll probably head to eastern Canada though.
    hey lilly. I'm Okay. I'm waiting for my job to end. I have till the end of the month, till I'm free!
    I'm enjoying a beer, right now.

    How are you doing.
    I'm doing ok. Just waiting on time to pass till graduation and the autumn leaves to change. Yourself?
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