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    Photos Abandoned NJ

    Great photos
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    Photos Millennium tower salford quays june 2018

    Millennium tower Salford quays It is not to be confused by the never-built London Millennium Tower (which could’ve gone up to 386 metres!). The dual building is a residential highrise located on the eastern side of the Media City Quays. The tallest one of the two is 67 metres, and the shorter...
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    Premier inn manchester june 2018 uk

    Premier inn Manchester Visited with @GK-WAX and @vulex we was after a little get together so decided on a nice relaxed evening chilling on the Manchester skyline. After a very hot day was good to unwind and take in Liverpool he view and watch the world go by below us. DSC_3169 by Lavino...
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    Photos Littlewoods building Liverpool may 2018 uk

    A early morning meet in Liverpool with @GK-WAX to try a few locations around the city that resulted in a few fails but can wait for another day. Then we decided on littlewoods.this one I have tried before with @telf and @whoopashooppa but didn't manage to get far so roll on a few years and I'm...
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    Photos Grand casino/theatre/bingo hall Southport UK

    Grand casino history Located in the Sefton district of Southport at the corner of Lord Street and Court Street. Originally built in 1923 as a garage and car showroom, it was converted into a luxury cinema in 1938 by architect George E. Tonge. The Grand Cinema opened on 14th November 1938 with...
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    Scout mine rossendale uk

    Visited with @GK_WAX and @dangle_angle this mine was a planned visit when we set out but was driving bye. When GK mentioned the mine was close so thought we would take a look. Inside is very slippery and wet didn't stay long but managed get a few photos.
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    Santa’s mine trip north wales uk

    Santas mine 2017 been told to put it in non_public there is some serious drops in this mine but certainly one of the most spectacular I’ve been in. This was the annual Santa mine trip and thanks to @The Kwan for organising it once again and leading all us little saints through the day and...
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    Photos Kings hall theatre London uk

    A very early start for this one. And thanks for my invite from the other 2 lads I went with @GK-WAX and @albinojay arrived here in the pitch black early hours. Luckily we didn’t have any trouble finding our way inside. We’re we found ourselves a room to wait for it to come light enough to...
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    Photos North Staffordshire royal infirmary uk

    Seen this pop up a few times over last few weeks so thought we would get our skates on and pay a visit.the site was bigger that I was expecting. After a good look around and working a few things out and we were in. There is lots of locked doors but areas can still be accessed by taking diffrent...
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    Photos Fletcher's paper mill Oldham uk

    Fletchers Visited with @albinojay and @GK_WAX a early start to our first location only to rock up and find security parked up with his dog. Tried to sweet talk our way in but he was having non of it. So head back calling at other locations including fletchers paper mill. What a top place this...
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    Hello from Manchester

    hello all I’m mike I’m in Manchester uk. Came here I like to look at derelict building and came across this site so signed up as I found it interesting I’ll post some Urbex photos up from here in the uk.
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    Hello I’m also new here from England